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"Believing God Literally"

“Believing God Literally”

Apostle David Mulutsi
Sunday Evening Service Notes
“Believing God Literally”
Mark 16:14

• The word of God is alive it is sharper than any double edged sort.

• The word of God is able to pull down any spirit of fear.

• Fear is the spirit. The bible says “I did not give you the spirit of fear but I gave you the spirit of love , of power and a sound mind”.

• When you are in the atmosphere of fear you are in the environment of the spirit of fear.

• The spirit of fear is grabbing people around the earth.The spirit of fear is grasping people’s faith. The just shall live by faith .

• You are to take the word of God and believe it. You need to take the word of God and literally believe it .

• Mark 16:14 Jesus appeared to the 11 disciples as they were reclining at the table. He started to rebuke them for lack of faith and the hardness of heart .

• Jesus spoke hard on his disciples because they didn’t believe. Jesus was disappointed with his disciples for not believing because they walked with him closely, they experienced all miracles, signs and wonders but still they didn’t believe.

• Jesus rebuked the disciples for the hardness of heart. They allowed the Spirit of fear to grasp them. The hardness of heart is speaking about your mindset being established that it is not like, that it means you reject any contrary words. When the disciples realised Jesus rose from the dead they had the hardness of heart.

• The disciples didn’t believe the word of Jesus literally hence they were not aware on the third day that it is the resurrection day.

• In the midst of this Coronavirus pandemic, when you see the statistics go high if your heart is hardened you will magnify the stats and believe them above the word of God.

• You need to believe the word of God literally when it tells you that by his stripes you are healed . You need to embrace every promise of God in the bible.

• When the word of God promise to give his angels to be in charge over your life you need to believe it. You need to believe that God will take care of you.

• Fear, confusion and listening to the naysayers it will work against you. Don’t fall into the trap of people using Coronavirus to push thier own agendas. Listen to the word of God it will work for you.

• Jesus Christ cursed the fig tree. When he cursed the fig tree he believed that’s why the fig tree died.

• As the child of God if you believe that every virus that touches your body dies instantly it will be so. When you literally believe the word of God, whatever you believe it is bound to happen.

• When God was in heaven and spoke “let there be light”, he literally believed his word hence it came to pass.

• You need to confess that Coronavirus is dead, if you believe that it will come to pass.

• The word of God is working against any works of the devil. You need to believe the word of God literally above the works of darkness and it will come to pass.

• Believe the word of God that his word is powerful than any power of darkness in the earth.

• You take God at his word as you believe the word of God literally.

• When you listen to what contradict the word of God it will bring fear in your life. It is your faith that will keep you.

• God in us is powerful than any negativity that is in the world. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

• The greater one that is on the inside of us is able to work and demolish any power of darkness in the world.

Confess and pray:
Father God I believe your word literally, I believe that what you wrote in the bible is is true, is real, is genuine and permanent. I believe everything you said about my wellbeing, my success and healing. I believe the grace of God is resting upon me to succeed and do well. I declare with my mouth that I am protected against the powers of darkness. I believe that the power of God is working in my life. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. The grace of God is lifting me up daily in Jesus’s name Amen.


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