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Faith That Over Comes The Devil (Part 2)

Faith That Over Comes The Devil (Part 2)

Apostle David Mulutsi
Faith That Overcomes The Devil
Luke 10:8_9

• The kingdom of heaven brings healing into the lives of people.

• The power of God comes to break and destroy the power of darkness.

• The word of faith that you speak will heal the sick.

• Luke 10:17

• What you believe will work for you.

• Hold on to your confession of faith.

• Even the demons will be subjected to you in the name of Jesus.

• Believe the word of God which says you are an overcomer, when it says no evil will befall you.

Mark 16:14_17

• Unbelief will block the power of God from operating in your life.

• Unbelief is coupled with the hardness of heart. The hardness of heart is not believing the word of God.

• As children of God you don’t have to panic but you should believe what the word of God says.

• Faith goes beyond rational. Stay in the word.

• Faith operate on the basis of believe.

• Your believe should not be to prove a point. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

• What will sustain you is the word that proceed out of the mouth of God.

• It is your faith that will overcome the devil.

• When you believe you will be protected and everything about you will be well including healing.

• He who believe will be saved, He who does not believe will be condemned .

• The same power of God that protected Paul from the deadly snake is the same power of God that will protect you from a deadly virus. Do not panic God will take care of you.

• The power of God will neutralize any deadly disease that comes your way.

• If you stop believing, signs will disassociate itself from you.

• Those who believe will be accompanied by signs. The signs will accompany those who believe. Signs will follow those who believe.

You should have faith that overcomes the devil


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