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Faith That Overcomes The Devil

Faith That Overcomes The Devil

Apostle David Mulutsi
Faith that overcomes the devil
Matthew 14:35_36

• Satan is the originator of everything that is evil.

• The bible says every good thing comes from the Lord.

• Anything bad comes from the devil and anything good comes from God.

• God is the originator and supplier of everything that is good.

• You have to be in faith then you will overcome the devil.

• In all circumstances take up the shield of faith to extinguish all flaming darts of the evil one.

• When you walk in faith you will be able to quench every fairy dart of the devil.

• You won’t be in fear and faith at the same time. You need to be in faith.

• Faith is a shield that God has given us. Faith is the only thing that will remain standing.

• Anxiety is a sign of fear. When you pray in fear it will never work.

• The state you are praying in matters. Pray in the state of faith.

• It is not the amount of prayers you make but praying in faith that matters.

Matthew 9:18_10

• Those who are in faith are the once who will benefit from him.

• Never put your trust in material things because is unreliable, put your trust in God who will never disappoint you.

• Use your faith to confess over your family. Declare that no evil will touch your family

• Quarantine yourself in God. Stay in the quarantine of the presence of God.

• Raise up against fear and all circumstances then God will take care of us.


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