Faith That overcomes the evil one (Part 3) – God's Tabernacle

Faith That overcomes the evil one (Part 3)

Faith That overcomes the evil one (Part 3)

Evening Service
Apostle David Mulutsi
Faith that overcomes the evil one Part 3
2 Corinthians 4:13

• The spirit of faith believes and speaks what it believes.

• The spirit of faith speaks of what is already there.

• What you believe is what you should speak.

• When you are in faith you operate in faith, faith is a spirit.

• Faith is of hearing and hearing the word of God .

• Faith is the word that builds you up.

• When you always listen to the word of God then you will have faith.

• You create an environment of faith when you always hear and speak the word of God.

• When fear, doubt and confusion depart then you are walking in faith.

• Panic and peace cannot cohabit.

• Fear and faith cannot cohabit.

• You overcome the spirit of darkness When you carry the spirit of faith then you will enter into rest.

• When you believe it , it comes part of you then it will come out of your mouth.

Joshua 1:8

• You need to meditate on the word of God.Let the word settle in your heart, dwell in your heart, let it be in abundance in your hear so that you do what it says.

• Faith should be your first nature.

• As a believer you must be filled with faith in your heart . When a situation arises your immediate reaction should be faith.

• Don’t have a dot of faith but have a recurrence of faith.

• When faith is your 1st nature, In every situation establish what is the word of God saying in that situation.

• When your heart is full of faith your mouth will draw from your heart then you will speak faith.

• You need to protect your heart against foreign objects. Guard your heart with all diligence.

• Walk in love, don’t harbor hatred, unforgiveness and don’t cause conflicts amongst brethren.

• If you are full of hatred you will never be filled with the spirit of faith.

• When you are doing something contrary to the word of God you are deflating your faith. You are neutralizing the spirit of faith.

• Allow the peace of God to guard your heart.

Romans 10: 9_10

Mark 11:19

• Words of faith are so powerful that you can speak against the spirit of coronavirus to die, it will wither away and it will lose its effect on you as a child of God.

• You can demonstrate the spirit of faith because you have faith in God.

• The Holy spirit is ready to act on every word of faith you speak.

• The word of God says by the stripes of Jesus you are healed and you are a treasured possession.

• You are the healed of God resisting sickness.

• Every virus that touches your body dies instantly in Jesus’s name Amen.


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