It pleases God when you are faithful (Part 2) – God's Tabernacle

It pleases God when you are faithful (Part 2)

It pleases God when you are faithful (Part 2)

It pleases God when you are faithful:Part 2
Proverbs 6:16-19
Mark 14:10_

• Faithfulness and unfaithfulness are not small matters.

• It is a big thing before God that a person is faithful or unfaithful.

• Faithfulness or unfaithfulness is not about who is directed to, it is a character of who is coming from.

• Faithfulness is a character that we build in us.

• If we are faithful on something, we will be faithful on the next thing.

• God is saying that if you can be faithful in finances, how to handle finances, whether you tithe or not, He will entrust to you spiritual riches.

• This is because you have learned to be faithful.

• When you are faithful you are faithful. It does not matter what is the object.

• It pleases God when we are faithful.

• If you are faithful to God, you will be faithful to everyone in your life.

• People who are faithful can’t backbite.

• Judas Iscariot was not faithful to the money entrust to him to keep.

• That is the reason why he became unfaithful also to Jesus. He betrayed Jesus.

• It is normal for unfaithful people to betray.

• Unfaithfulness breathes all kinds of evil.

• Judas, who was unfaithful, plotted to kill Jesus.

• Unfaithful person will steal, will cheat, will kill, will rape, will betray, will pretend.

• An unfaithful person is already established in his heart.

• He just sought an opportunity to act it out.

• He will just seek for an opportunity to act it out.
• God likes that we be faithful because He knows that we will be faithful to Him.

• Our character will be faithfulness.
• May God help us to be faithful at all times.


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