Living In The Zone Of Miracles (Part 5) – God's Tabernacle

Living In The Zone Of Miracles (Part 5)

Living In The Zone Of Miracles (Part 5)

Living in the Zone of Miracles – Part 5
Isaiah 9:6

• Isaiah prophesied that Jesus will be Prince of Peace.

• Where there is peace there is His presence. His presence brings peace. His peace brings His presence.

• According to the world: peace is the absence of turmoil; Peace is the absence of war; Peace is the absence of fightings; Peace is the absence of quarrels.

• According to God, Peace is the presence of Jesus. Peace is a Person. He is sensitive and loving. He guides His children.

• When we offend the Person Peace, He leaves.

• Our lifestyle and motives must always be pleasing to the Person Peace, so that His presence would always be with us.

Col 3:15

• Christ is present with us in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

• When His presence is with us, miracles will always happen.

Luk 10:4-12

• This is referring to the recipient of peace in the house.

• If we believe and receive the presence of Christ, His peace, we will experience miracles.

Mat 10:12-13

• Jesus sent His disciples with His peace. His Peace did miracles, signs and wonders.

• Just like people touched the fringe of Jesus’ garment, they were tapping in the presence of Jesus. They were tapping into Peace.

Mark 6:56

• They tapped into Peace.

• When people placed the sick people Peter would pass, they wanted to tap into the presence of the Prince of Peace in Peter.

Act 5:12-16

• The Peace and Presence of Jesus in Paul also did miracles.

Act 19:11-12

• When Jesus was confronted with by the storm, He released His peace.

Mar 4:35-41 ESV

• The Presence of the Holy Spirit brings Peace to us.

Joh 14:26-27

• When He met His disciples after resurrection, He released His peace.

Luke 24:36

Joh 20:19-26

• We should treasure the Peace of God in our lives because His Peace is His Presence and He is the zone of miracles.


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