Palm Sunday (Evening Service) – God's Tabernacle

Palm Sunday (Evening Service)

Palm Sunday (Evening Service)

Apostle David Mulutsi
Palm Sunday
Mark 11

• Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly.

• Jesus went into Jerusalem to fulfill the prophecy, he was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

• Palm Sunday was the beginning of the establishment of the kingdom of God. Prior to that people were worshipping God through rituals. God couldn’t reach out to them.

• When entering Jerusalem Jesus was urshering in the kingdom that could not be held with hands , the supernatural kingdom.

• That is the kingdom Christian’s are at whereby they are serving God with pure hearts not depending on tangible things.

• The Church of God was not built on Peter , it didn’t depend on him but on the revelation that came through him.

• Jesus had a view of his kingdom. The mission of Jesus was to reunite the people to God. To establish the unstoppable kingdom.

• Jesus went to Jerusalem for Salvation.

• Jesus said he is building his church and the gates of hell/ no government or kingdom of darkness shall prevail against the Church his church.

• Matthew 16:19 God has given us the authority to use for the kingdom of darkness.

Matthew 16:21

• Never be on the side of opposing the kingdom of God..never be stuck up in religion. Religion is lifeless.

• Be in agreement with what the true prophets of God are saying because that will be what God’s plan.

• Jesus knew that he was going to suffer on passion week yet he was prepared . It doesn’t matter the opposition but you are victorious.

• Jesus suffered for the whole world. He perished so that you may not perish but receive eternal life.

• The church will always bounce back as long as Jesus did not come. The church will continue because the kingdom will prevail against danger.

• You need to belong to this kingdom, be active in this kingdom and be on fire for God.

• Now it is not the time to compare or compete as Churches but it is the time for soul winning and encouraging people to live for God.

• Now is the time to hold on to the plow and never look back.

• May you never be sidetracked
• May you never be immovable
• May your faith never fail you
• May you be steadfast and firm
• Be assured you are victorious in Christ Jesus


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