Palm Sunday – God's Tabernacle

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Apostle David Mulutsi
Palm Sunday
Mark 11:1_11

• In Mark 11 Everything was orchestrated by God.

• Jesus told the disciples ahead of time what is to happen.

• Everything happens together to the instructions of the Lord.

Zachariah 9:9

• Ordinary people who did not go to religious schools they believed in the coming of Jesus (Mark 11:9_10)

• The religious people were very upset about the coming of Jesus, they wanted to kill him.

• Jesus was very upset about the religious people because there were misleading people into false doctrine.

• The true church of the kingdom of God will stand and the false church of the kingdom of darkness will fade away.

• On Palm Sunday we are celebrating that God is bringing his kingdom, it will be established no matter who tries to stop it. Jesus went in to save the kingdom of God.

• The kingdom of God is greater than all other kingdoms.

Daniel 2:1

• Let us not be deceived, dont be drawn into the kingdom of Darkness. Let us stand firm to the kingdom of God.

• God can still reveal mistries unto our lives.

• Do not consider yourself as an entity. Humble yourself before God than God humbling you.

• The God of heaven shall set up the kingdom which shall never be destroyed and that kingdom will never be controlled by any other kingdom.

• Born again Christians represent the kingdom of God.

• We need to see clearly because we belong to that kingdom.

• The God of heaven is the one who established his kingdom , it will prevail & it will never be destroyed.

• The end of the book(Bible) says the kingdom of God will prevail.

• There is only one kingdom, the kingdom of God and there is only one king in that kingdom which is God. God is not competing with no other.

• The kingdom of God will prevail ,it will crush all other kingdoms and it will bring them to the end.

• The kingdom of God will stand forever.

• The kingdom that Jesus entered into Jerusalem to establish will stand forever.

• Let us stand firm in the Lord Jesus Christ, let us be committed to the Lord then we will never be destroyed, we will be protected, God will take care of us.

• Being children of God we belong to this kingdom.

• We are more than conquerors in Christ.

Daniel 2:45

Mark 11:9_10
• Do not panic
• Do not be afraid
• Rest in God
• God’s kingdom will last forever


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