Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 3) – God's Tabernacle

Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 3)

Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 3)

Romans 8:15_
Romans 12:1
1 Corinthians 2:11
Ephesians 4:17

• We didn’t receive the Spirit of God to fear again.

• God loves you the same way that he loved Jesus yet he gave him away.

• We must suffer with Jesus so that we rejoice in him.

• God communicate with us through our human Spirits.

• The Holy within my heart bear’s witness

• Fear and faith cannot cohabit.

• You cannot come before the Lord with a Grocery list always.

• Our spirits is longing for that great relationship with the father.

• Your Spirit knows what is going on in your mind.

• What you are thinking God knows it.

• God communicate with you through your Spirit.

• God knows the depth of human being by his human spirit.

• The Spirit of the Lord is the lamp.

• The human Spirit controls your life.

• The human Spirit loose interest in the things of God because you have starved it.

• Feed your Spirit with the word of God and prayer.

• Although you are a new creature you need to renew your mind with the word of God.

• It’s a process to grow spiritually.

• You become strong by allowing the word of God
• 1 John 2:14_20
• My human Spirit will never loose power.
If your Spirit is strengthened you are able to overcome every stubborn situation.


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