Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 5) – God's Tabernacle

Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 5)

Powerful Spirit Of A Born Again Person (Part 5)

Genesis 1:26_27
Genesis 2:7
Jere 31:31_34

· God places much attention and value to the human spirit.

· It is because He communicates with man through man’s spirit.

· A person who is changed in the inside, his life is really changed.

· God wants to empower us through our human spirits.

· The material that He uses is heavenly. This is quality material.

· The resources to make us great are heavenly material.

· Christ dwells more strongly in the hearts that are strengthened by His spirits.

. This happens through faith.

· When we allow our spirits to be strengthened, we will be more like Christ.

· God regards you as a more than a conqueror, because He knows what He has deposited in your spirit.

· Your spirit is powerful.

· When you put enough word in your spirit, your spirit will be strong to face any giant.

· Your spirit with the help of the Holy Spirit will overcome all situations in Jesus’s name.


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