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The Art Of Not Giving Up

The Art Of Not Giving Up

Pastor Dikobo Mokhudu
The Art of not giving up
John 10:10

• Refusing to accept defeat.

• There are dreams he still wants you to fulfill .

• There are nations he wants you to reach.

• There are places you still need to go.

• All of this God has put them in your hands.

• You have something powerful in your hands.

• Your enemy is not happy of what you have, the enemy is working tirelessly to ensure that whatever you have is destroyed

• If it wasn’t of the killing and destroying the enemy wouldn’t come to you.

• When the enemy come to you he comes with the mandate to steal, kill and destroy.

• Christ came that you may have life and life in abundance.

Revelation 3:11

• Hold fast, hold tightly to what you have until Jesus comes.

Revelation 2:25_26

• Hold fast to what you have irrespective of your circumstances.

• There is a tendency of us not appreciating what we already have.

• What happened to what you had before? Hold fast to what you have and had before.

• Why is it that when the things come to you die or loose shape?

• Don’t be too quick to accept defeat

• Failure is temporary.

• Failure is just not reaching required outcomes.

• Giving in is letting something happen without fighting for it.

• Confront issues and battles.

• Being defeated, giving up or quiting is not an option.

• Children of God have valuables in thier hands.

• Don’t give up on your children and marriage.

Hebrews 10:39

• If you draw back in the battle you will be destroyed.

• Your calling, children and marriage is valuable and the enemy is after it.

• He use whomever and whatever available to fight you.

2 Kings 7:3_10

• Life is just about a risk.

• When you are in your lowest point, stand up and God will show up.

• Don’t complain, dont throw a pity party , stand up and fight.

• You won’t fight your battle being far, you are not fighting flesh and blood, fight on your knees.

• Fight for your valuables, your Christian life.

• We are not of those who shrink back or escape.

• Fight with your knees and stand firm.

• Refuse to accept defeat.


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