The Incubator (Part 2) – God's Tabernacle

The Incubator (Part 2)

The Incubator (Part 2)

The Incubator – Part 2
Colossians 3:1-3

• Apostle Paul is writing to the church in Colosse. He is not talking about physical death. Those Christians were still alive physically.

• Though they were physically alive, they had died to the things of this world. They were no longer moved and shaken by the things of this world.

• They were to be moved by the things of heaven.

• You are moved by what you are focusing your eyes on. Wherever you have set your mind on is what will shake you or comfort you.

• There is the report of the world and there is the report of heaven. Which report are you going to believe?

• The report of the world says coronavirus is affecting everyone. The report of heaven says by the stripes of Jesus you are healed. The report of heaven says no evil shall befall you.

• We need to understand that though we are in the world we are not of the world.

• We will do our best to comply with the hygienic requirements. But our faith is more on what the Word of God says.

• Jesus prayed for us.

John 17:14-16 ESV

• As Jesus was, so are we.

• Jesus believed the report from heaven. So, we too must believe the report of heaven.

• Jesus prayed that we should be kept from the evil one. He prayed that we should be incubated.

• How are we going to remain incubated? By the Word that Jesus gave us.

John 17:14

• The Word quarantine us from all danger, that includes all kind of sicknesses.

• God knows that the Word is so powerful against all evil. His word alone is enough to unseat the devil’s reign.

• When Joshua was to enter the promised land to unseat all the inhabitants of Canaan, God gave him His Word.

Joshua 1:7-9

• Do you want to be successful against coronavirus? Keep the Word in your mouth.

• Confess the Scriptures like:

1 Peter 2:24

Psalms 91:10

• No coronavirus can come near your house.

Psalms 121:7

• The Lord will keep your life. No coronavirus will take your life.

• As it was during the days of Jesus on earth, so shall it be today.

Mark 1:29-34 ESV

• The virus cannot stay within the power of the Holy Spirit.

Colossians 3:3 ESV

• Your life as a child of God is hidden with Christ in God.

• Your life is incubated in Christ. Your life is surrounded by the presence of God.

• Every virus that comes in contact with the presence of God, dies.

• We should stay within the Incubation of Christ.

• Stay in fellowship. Stay in church. Stay in love. Stay in peace.

• Stay in the Word.

• Stay in prayer.

• Never make a mistake of staying away from church in fear of contracting sickness.

• Physical place is not our concern. Spiritual condition is our utmost concern.

• Stay in faith. Stay in faith. Stay in faith.

• You are safe in faith.


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