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The Incubator

The Incubator

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The Incubator

• Incubator can be defined as an enclosed apparatus in which premature or unusually small babies are placed and which provides a controlled and protective environment for their care.

• The womb of the mother is the incubator that provides an environment that is suitable for the baby to grow in.

• Incubator is a controlled environment. It is free of germs, bacteria’s, and viruses.

• It has enough oxygen that is needed for breathing.

• God can be our incubator.

• Faith comes by hearing.

• Fear comes by hearing.

• Fear attracts the negatives.

Psalm 91:1-12

• Like a child is stays in an incubator, we can stay in our Incubator, who is God. In Him, we find favour. We find strength, we find comfort, we find wisdom, we find healing, we find deliverance.

• How do we stay in our Incubator? By trusting God.

• Just like the mother chicken, a hen will protect the chicks from any danger, our God will protect us from any danger of death and sickness.

• The world is attacked by a deadly pestilence.

• This is the time to trust God to protect us from this deadly pestilence.

• Yes, we must take necessary precaution, like washing our hands with water and soap regularly. Above all, trust God to protect us from danger.

• Our faith takes us under God’s wings.

• Just like the premature baby is put into the incubator, our faith in God must take us into our Incubator, who is God.

• His protection is our Incubator that provides us with an environment or a zone where danger disappear.

• The reason why we will be protected is because we have made the Lord our God our refuge, our Incubator.

• The time of trusting God more than science, has come.

• Science is good but limited.

• Coronavirus has, up to date, killed more people in developed countries (where technology and science are advanced) than in undeveloped countries.

• This is saying to us, above science and technology, we need to trust God.

• We might be seen as backward, but we need to trust God.

• We should not put our trust in our contacts, medical aid, doctors, or even the money that we might have. We need to trust our God.

• Our faith must be in God.

• When our faith is in God, we have entered into the Incubator.

Psalms 57:1 ESV

Psalms 61:4 ESV

• People react differently to coronavirus because their immune systems are at different levels. Those who suffer symptoms quickly is because their immune system is weak.

• We don’t build our immune systems when the virus attacks our bodies. We build a strong immune system long before the virus attacks.

• In the same way, we don’t start building our faith in God when we hear of coronavirus. Our faith in God should have been built long before we heard of any news of coronavirus.

• Those who are panicking, are panicking because their faith in God is weak. They failed to build their faith in God in the past.

• These are the people who were not getting the Word in their hearts. They were allowing distractions to take away their attention to the Word.

• They were playing during the preaching of the Word. Their hearts are empty of faith.

• When the fiery darts of fear are shots at them, they don’t have shield of faith to protect themselves.

Ephesians 6:16 ESV

• Our faith in God takes us to the environment of Incubation.

• In God we trust.


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