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The Power of the Word of God

The Power of the Word of God

Evening Service
Pastor SE Seloisi
Jeremiah 29:

• God cannot be separated from his word.

• The word and God are one.

• If you don’t agree with the word of God you will delay yourself.

• If you believe now you receive now.

• Christians become what they say.

• What you confess is what you will become.

• You need God to touch your mouth.

• If you need to live an overcoming life, speak what you believe(word of God)

• After receiving God’s word if we keep it in our mouth it won’t manifest, if you speak it and believe it , it will manifest.

• Once you can move the mountain of sin you can move any mountain.

• You need an anointed tongue to speak God’s word.

• If you believe God’s word you will become unconquerable.

• You are over the nations and kingdoms.

• No kingdom can conquer you if you confess with your tongue.

• If you are tired of life you will be tired of opening your mouth.

• Healing, provision, breakthrough is in your mouth.

• Anything that is diluting your faith get rid of it.

• You have power to root out anything through your mouth.

• Prayer is a lifestyle of the believer.

• When you are reconciled with God any day is a miracle day.


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