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Walking In The Environment Of Faith (Part 3)

Walking In The Environment Of Faith (Part 3)

Mark 11:14 & 23 ESV

· Goliath was a very big man. He was nine feet tall. He was 2,74 meters tall. The normal door size is 2,1 meters high.
· Five thousand shekels of bronze is = 125 pounds which is = 56kg.
· Goliath was fully covered. Where were you going to start attacking him?
· His stature was frightening. No wonder why even King Saul was scared.
· Goliath charged the environment with words of fear.
· Words of fear scared the Israelites, including the king.
· Those words affected everyone who heard them.
· The man was negatively charging his environment twice a day, morning and evening.
· The men of Israel were already affected by the words of Goliath. They were under his environment.
· Even David’s brother was affected by Goliath’s environment.
· David was walking in the environment of faith.
· He related to King Saul how the environment of faith worked for him.
· It was in the environment of faith that the lions were killed. It was in the environment of faith that the bears were killed.
· David charged his environment of faith further by the following verse.
· David spoke his environment of faith. His words strengthened his environment of faith.
Saul continued with his environment of fear and doubt.
· But David counter acted it by bringing his environment of faith.
· It was environment against an environment.
· Environment of faith will always succeed.
· David defeated Goliath by the words that he spoke.
· Had he not spoken those words, the sling would not have worked, the stone would have missed, and the sword would not have worked.
· But they all worked because they were under an environment of faith.
· When you walk in that environment of faith, things will align in your favour.
· Let us all speak words of faith that will always create an environment of faith.


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