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We are not of this World

We are not of this World

Sunday Morning Service Notes
We are not of this World
John 17:9-16

• Jesus had spent 3 ½ years with His disciples. He was about to be crucified and leave them. In His prayer for them, He is revealing how they will be kept from evil.

• He starts by praying for them and later prays for all that would believe in Him.

• The fact that He specifically prays for His then disciples and future disciples, means that He cares for His church.

• Jesus cares for us. He will never leave us to the dogs and lions.

• Even in this coronavirus, Jesus will take care of you.

• The Word separates you from the world. If you walk in the Word you will be different from the world. You will see things differently from the word’s perspective.

• Your values will defer from the once that are not of the spirit.

• Let the word richly in you.

John 17: 15

• Politicians are telling us that this virus is going to be with us for a long time. They say we should learn to live with it.

• Jesus prayed that the Father should not take us out of this world, but that He should keep us from the evil one.

• The evil one has brought this coronavirus to the world. But Jesus prayer will be answered. God will keep us from the originator of the virus and the virus itself.

John 17:16

• Jesus tells us how He kept His disciples from evil, by keeping them in the Word and keeping them in God.

• When you are in the Word you are in God.

• We will be safe when we stay in God. We will be safe when we remain in Christ.

• You remain in Christ by remaining in the Word. Christ and the Word are one.

• This is not the time to backslide. This is not the time to be lukewarm. We are safe in Christ.

• You will never perish, as long as you are in Christ.(John 17:12)

John 17:20-22
• Since we are different from people of the world, we need to function differently from the people of the world.

• We need to think differently from people of the world.

• We need to believe differently from people of the world.

• We need to have different passion from passion of people of the world.

• We are working for the kingdom of God; they are not in the kingdom of God.

• They fear things that do not scare us because we are different.

• Therefore, we should not compare ourselves with them.

• We know what they do not know.

• We speak what they do not speak because they do not understand it.

• The worst mistake a child of God can do is to try to fit in to the system of this world.

Romans 12:2
• The deception is in the mind. When you think like the World, you will not be able to fit in in the kingdom of God.

• For you to be change, there must be a change of your way of thinking.

• Your thoughts should be in line with the Word of God. You are transformed by the Word of God.

• The Word of God does not only bring faith but brings transformation also.

• God told Joshua to be successful by changing the way he though.

Joshua 1:8

• Joshua’s meditating on the Word changed the way he viewed things. It changed the way he did things.

• The word changed his thoughts, changed his perception, changed his way of doing things, ultimately brought him prosperity and good success.

• Success and prosperity will come by you doing the word of God.

• Had Joshua not meditated on the Word, he would have questioned God on why he should circumcise all males. He would have questioned God on why they were to go around Jericho seven times.

• All those instructions did not make sense to any human understanding.

• But Joshua, after aligning himself to the Word of God, accepted its instructions and prospered.

• He became a mighty warrior because he followed God.

• You will always succeed when you follow God. It is important that you follow God.

• Even though the Bible does not say, I guess there were ney sayers in the group.

• I guess there were people who opposed Joshua. I guess there were people who questioned if Joshua heard from God.

• I guess there were people who questioned the rational of rounding the wall of Jericho for seven times.

• Thank God, Joshua followed God and not these rational thinkers who are rationalising at the expense of following God.

• The must have tried to discourage Joshua from doing the will of God. The must have warned Joshua about how dangerous it is to be close to the wall. The must have tried to extinguish the fire of God in Joshua by their rationalising things.

• Thank God, Joshua obeyed God.

• By obeying God, he succeeded.

• Let us follow God because we are not of this world.

• We are governed by the Word of God.

• We are led by Scripture.

• Jesus kept His disciples by His Word. He will keep you and I by His Word.


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