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You Have The Mind Of Christ (Part 7)

You Have The Mind Of Christ (Part 7)

Matthew 11:3 – 19

  • John the Baptist operates in the old covenant and have the great privilege to operate in the new covenant. We are blessed to be born in the new covenant.
  • What you do will prove if you are a man or woman of wisdom.
  • Queen of Sheba saw the wisdom on Solomon by seeing- wisdom is displayed by what you do.
  • We don’t see wisdom by how many quotations you quote even if the quote is by the most prominent person.
  • “Wisdom is justified by your deeds”.
  • You can be an elderly person but if there are no deeds to show we can never say you’ve been a wise person.
  • It does not glorify God to remain in the same position Year in and year out, at the same position.
  • One of the ways to show wisdom is that at the end of the year you should display your deeds.
  • When we don’t see the works we can’t say really see wisdom. May there be an improvement in your life because that shows wisdom.
  • The people of Nazereth saw Jesus wisdom through His mighty works.

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